Business Services

Capital South Wealth Management, LLC is owned and managed by our team. As business owners, we understand the various challenges encountered by entrepreneurs. Most owner's enjoy working in their business however sometimes we need help working on our business. Common business issues include: attracting and retaining employees, planning for business succession, managing cash flow, building and protecting wealth. Our firm offers the following services that may address some of these issues.   


Our team has over 35 years of business experience in various industries. When analyzing your company we will perform a cash flow analysis, employee benefit analysis, and business insurance analysis. We will summarize this information in a report, identify strengths and deficiencies, address concerns, and attempt to provide you with a sense of clarity and confidence.

Retirement Planning

We work with business owners to assist with selection and design of a qualified plan for their business. The plan should be appropriate for the business, satisfy the owners goals, and allow employees the opportunity to save adequately for retirement. A properly structured retirement plan can increase employee retention while simultaneously helping the business owner and highly compensated employees build wealth through tax deferral. Common business retirement plans include: SEP IRA, 401(K), SIMPLE IRA, Solo 401(K), profit sharing, and defined benefit plans.

Employee Education

We believe in face-to-face education for employees of all ages. Young employees may need to hear the benefits of saving early in life, while older participants may need advice focused on their retirement goals. Our team offers in person presentations and one-on-one meetings with all retirement plan participants upon request. Offering education to employees can be seen as a benefit and may lead to increased plan participation and employee retention.

Deferred Compensation

Another tool business owners can use to retain and reward key employees is non-qualified deferred compensation. A non-qualified deferred compensation plan can be offered to a select group of executives or employees. The employer and employee enter into an agreement utilizing insurance to defer a portion of the employee’s income until a future date. We can work with you to structure the plan and offer the insurance policy to fund it with.


Through an independent brokerage, our professional insurance agents offer several policies that can help protect your business and benefit employees. Our insurance offerings include: whole and term life insurance, key person insurance, disability insurance, group and individual long term care insurance. Offering or providing insurance for employees can increase retention and loyalty.

Buy/Sell Funding

Buy/sell agreements provide the company with financial protection and ensure the continuation of business, despite the absence of an owner. The plan is usually funded through life insurance and provides immediate cash upon the death of an owner. The agreement also helps to establish a fair selling price and maintain the long-term financial objectives of the company. We offer whole life and term life insurance that can serve as funding for a buy/sell agreement. Each policy type has its pros and cons, we will walk you through determining which is best for your business.