Our Clients

In order to do the best for the individual and families that we serve, our professionals specialize in niche clientele. 

Families with Members that have Special Needs

Families with members who have special needs face unique challenges. The single most common issue for the parents is what will happen to the child with special needs once the parents are gone. The Capital South Wealth Management team, with the help of the families and other professionals, creates person-centered plans with the goal of answering this question and addressing the family's other concerns.

Individuals who Receive Windfalls

Individuals who receive a financial windfall whether through inheritance or divorce often face many emotional and financial challenges. Frequently, these individuals are vulnerable to financial predators or poor advice. We help our clients get their financial lives in order during these times of crisis and change. We do this by counseling the individual in personal financial matters, creating a financial life plan and implementing an income plan.

Small Business Owners

Capital South Wealth Management, LLC is owned and managed by our team. As business owners, we understand the various challenges encountered by entrepreneurs. Most owner's enjoy working in their business however sometimes we need help working on our business. Additionally, running a business can lead to neglect of the owners personal financial matters. We aim to consult with the owner and provide value that will benefit the company and bring clarity and order to the owner's personal financial life.