Portfolio Management

The CFP® professionals of Capital South Wealth Management work to uphold a Fiduciary Standard. This means we will put your best interests above our own in every investment advisory engagement. We are fee-based Investment Advisor Representatives. Our team manages portfolios for you according to your stated goals, your risk tolerance, and your risk capacity. We look past the pie chart when managing your investments and account for your human capital, business interests, and other outside investments before designing an appropriate asset allocation.   

Investment Offerings

While the specific assets in your portfolio will depend on your situation, we can construct portfolios utilizing both traditional asset classes as well as including alternative investment strategies as necessary. Traditional offerings include stocks, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, government bonds, equity, and fixed income mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and separately managed accounts.

Research Capabilities

At Capital South Wealth Management, our team is backed by investment professionals at TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab & Co. Reliable investment decisions are made independently and objectively. Capital South Wealth Management LLC has no proprietary products to sell, and no investment banking relationships to cultivate, allowing our team to provide objective advice. We are compensated for bringing the appropriate recommendations forward to address your needs. This helps ensure our interests are aligned with yours.

Due Diligence

Our team is dedicated to carrying out the role of due diligence provider. We employ a comprehensive process for initial and ongoing due diligence to add new managers and remove those that no longer meet standards.