Our Principles

Capital South Wealth Management was founded on the Platinum Rule: "Treat others as they would like to be treated." In every client engagement and every business decision, our financial professionals will not waiver from this simple philosophy. In line with this philosophy, we have developed our guiding principles which are adhered to in every client engagement.

Loyalty- Our loyalty is to our clients and our clients alone. We are not loyal to any one investment company or vendor. We stay objective in our dealings with outside professionals.

Transparency- We believe in being completely transparent. This transparency extends to every aspect of our business. When you receive advice from our CFP® professionals, you can be assured that it is free from our own self-interests.

Expertise- We believe that without a continuing pursuit of knowledge, we cannot adequately serve our clients. Our financial professionals commit to maintaining the highest professional designations and certifications in our field to stay informed on the ever-changing aspects of wealth management.

Service- We vow to provide unparalleled service to every one of our clients regardless of account size. If a client feels we are unable to deliver exemplary service, we will offer referrals to other professionals who may better serve them.

Alignment- We treat our clients and their capital as if it were our own. We invest our clients’ wealth with the same diligence and care with which we invest our own.

Commitment- We are deeply committed to the families we serve. Our Clients are the firm. We expect our clients to commit to themselves by actively learning and engaging our CFP® professionals through the planning process.

Partnership- When our clients entrust their financial well-being with us, they will work with a team of highly knowledgeable, dedicated professionals. We acknowledge that we cannot be experts in every discipline of financial planning. As such, we have developed a network of trusted non-affiliated professionals to lean on to deliver comprehensive financial advice.