Trust Services

The financial professionals of Capital South Wealth Management have access to Advisors Private Wealth Trust. Our team can utilize Advisors Private Wealth Trust to provide trust administration services such as accounting, tax preparation and trustee services for our clients. Advisors Private Wealth Trust's model enables our clients to maintain their relationship with us for investment management when assets are placed in a trust. Trusts offered include special needs trusts, grantor trusts, survivors trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, rabbi trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, and private foundations. 

Special Needs Trust Services

The Capital South Wealth Management, LLC. Team has over ten years of experience working in the life care planning industry. We have specialized knowledge and experience working with individuals with disabilities. We act as the coordinator, communicating with all of the involved professionals, through the process of implementing the trust. We work hand in hand with the trustee to develop and implement an investment plan to address the needs of the beneficiary. Additionally, we work to educate the beneficiary, their loved ones, and the trustee of the importance of protecting their government benefits.